Innovation management

Innovation management is an area within the discipline of management, which has been developing very dynamically over the years. Issues of economic innovation have become an integral part of business activity and are expressed not only by the search for innovative products, new business models, but also by the steadily growing R&D budgets.

How to apply?

Participate in courses that will be carried out in specially designed for the programme laboratories: ShopLab (Eye-tracking Research Laboratory) and ConsumerLab (Internet Consumer Behaviour Laboratory).

Conference 2016

On 21st and 22nd April 2016 at the Poznan University of Economics and Business there was held an International Conference „Innovation Management: Research and Educational Aspects”. The conference was organized within the project „Innovation Management – english-spoken Master degree study program supported by modern information technologies”, conducted by a team of the Department of Commerce and Marketing at the Faculty of Management. The project is financed from Norwegian funds. The conference was attended by foreign guests from the scientific centers in Russia, Slovakia and Bulgaria as well as scientists from Warsaw, Katowice and Olsztyn. During the first day of the conference the equipment to create virtual reality and to study the in-store behavior of buyers has been presented..

If You are looking for the answers to the questions like:

  • What do users think about Your web site?
  • What Internet tools are best for Your company development?
  • How to monitor Your Internet strategy?
  • How to effectively arrange commercial space in Your store?
  • How to introduce new products based on Internet technolologies?

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Choose Innovation Management and take advantage of opportunities we have created especially for You. Participate in courses that will be carried out in specially designed for the programme laboratories: Eye-tracking Research Laboratory and Marketing Supported Innovation Process Laboratory. Have access to the latest technology and software.

Our laboratories

Marketing Supported Innovation Process Laboratory

Take advantage of most up to date software including SEOmoz, Sprout Social and brand24. Monitor Your Internet strategy and find the answers to most crucial questions on the road to Your Internet business success.

Eye-tracking Research Laboratory

Take advantage of our professional neuromarketing equipment like EEG and Eye tracker. Learn how to effectively arrange commercial space in Your store and what customers think about Your products.

Find work as

E-commerce manager
E-marketing specialist
Social media coordinator
R&D Manager
Project manager
Brand manager
R&D Department employee
Digital marketing manager
Product manager

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