The project „Innovation Management – Advanced Technology Aided Teaching Programme of Master Studies” is supported by Norway Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds. The program responds to the needs of students and employers in Poland. Seing that theoretical knowledge that is passed to students during their studies (while studying) does not prepare them to meet the requirements typical for knowledge-based economy the Innovation Management intends to fill the gap by providing most up-todate teaching programme to meet actual needs. Under the programme, students will be taught practical knowledge on the measurement of consumer behavior on all five stages of the purchase decision process respecting environmental principles of sustainable development.

Project main objective is to prepare and initiate of English-language master degree study programme ”Innovation management” and is followed by two detailed objectives i.e.:

  • improving the quality of education by creation of teaching infrastructure based on IT technologies that enables realization of teaching programme,
  • usage of teaching infrastructure to provide students with practical skills in environmentoriented innovation process.

The above mentioned objectives stem from four premises. Firstly, growing importance of innovations in knowledge-based economy requires gradual replacement of ”learning by reading” by ”learning by doing” approach. Secondly proposed teaching programme meets growing requirements of labor market. On this market emerging gap between employers requirements and current educational offer of PUE is observed. Thirdly, proposed teaching programme is in line with the PUE strategy of internationalization of educational offer. Fourthly, teaching programme aims at providing students with competences of diagnosing changes in customers behavior as well as new product designing with respect of principals of sustainable development.

The Proposed teaching programme allows for integrated measurement of customer behavior in five-stage buying process. On stage 1 (need recognition) methodology of precise customer segmentation will be employed. On stage 2 and 3 (information search and evaluation of alternatives) Eye Tracking technologies will be used to determine what potential customer may see, including environmental aspects, when shopping on-line as well as in the brick-and-mortar store and to marketing tests of rapid prototyping. On the remaining two stages of buying process (purchase and post-purchase evaluation) technologies allowing for creating smart market offering, especially on the Internet.

Teaching programme is addressed to Bachelor’s Degree holders who want to deepen their knowledge of innovation management with particular focus on environmental aspect as well as marketing support of the process of market offering testing. Furthermore this programme is addressed to faculty members of PUE (professional development), PUE itself (improvement of competitive position on European educational market), and finally to employers who will get the opportunity to hire graduates better prepared to face labor market challenges.